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Although stucco is an economical way to finish your exterior walls, it does require periodic maintenance. Exterior stucco is specifically formulated and blended with a base to provide textures and colors to walls. Dave Johnson Construction regularly restores your home’s exterior looks. Our process consists of several steps that usually consist of power-washing the walls, repairing the stucco and home’s exterior trim. In some cases, this is all that is required. Although it sounds simple, it is extremely important to keep your walls and your installations dry, so an expert hand is often more than welcome.

When you ask us to evaluate your stucco, we will do a comprehensive evaluation of your home. Depending on your wishes, we can also remove and dispose of all existing stucco surfaces. If you are satisfied with the exterior of the stucco you have, we can just remove and dispose of all compromised sheathing, insulation, and framing. Depending on your vision, we can do different variations of installations you might need.

To provide you with a safe and dry house, we can apply stucco in a 3-coat system and apply sealant around windows, doors, other wall penetrations and any possible junctions of stucco with different materials. You will get high-quality workmanship without the accompanying high rates.

Sadly, all homes are subject to stucco failure and possible mold or moisture. Small ruptures in your home’s facade can lead to damages that can threaten both the structure of your home and the safety of your family. Failure in evaluating and properly treating moisture contamination can lead to serious structural issues, so we urge you to seek a professional opinion.