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We’ve worked on many projects involving detach garages, and each and every one has been special. The differences in construction reflect the owner’s needs and aesthetics perfectly. A detached garage mirrors the state of your mind in many ways. A good detached garage has a variety of applications. It provides you with plenty of storage space, ridding your house of unnecessary clutter. It can also be a space for you, your tools, and your passion projects.

A secure storage unit will protect your vehicles, your property, and your investments. A detached garage can also serve as a home office, a rather private area away from the noise and domestic interruptions. You can be as involved in planning your garage space as you want to. A large variety of plans can be additionally customized to suit all your needs and everything you can think of. The desire to detach garages has become very common and quite handy. For a moderate cost, you receive a space that will save a lot more long term.

Building detached garages is a job that definitely requires professional contractors because there is a great deal of planning and installation involved. The essential steps come down to excavation and site preparation, concrete footings and slab to grade, as well as roof trusses and a support beam system, depending on the type of lumber you intend to use—not to mention electrical wiring and exterior lighting that’s up to code.